Research Interests

     1. Surface Chemistry of Semiconductor Surfaces.
     2. Ion/Electron/Photon Beam-Induced Surface Processes.
     3. Atomic-Scale Characterization of Thin Adlayer Formations on Surfaces.
4. Reversible Hydrogen Storage Materials for Mobile Applications.

 Current Projects

     1. Atomic H Inteactions with Crystalline and HF Wet-Etched Si(100), Si(111), Ge(100). KVS Poster Presentation
Reversible Hydrogen Storage Materials for Mobile Applications ACS Presentation, J. PHYS CHEM C
     3. Enantioselective adsortion and catalytic reactions on surfaces.→
MIRC Workshop, KVS Poster Presentation

- Equipments in Our Laboratory -

        1. Ultra-High Vacuum(UHV) Dual Chamber (Base Pressure: 4.0x10-11 Torr)
- 12”-Diam. Main Chamber Pumped by a Pfeiffer TMU520 Turbo Pump Backed by a Edward 60-L/s Diffusion &
   a Rotary Pump in Series.

- QMS (Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer) Chamber Pumped Differentially by a Pffeifer TMU 260 Turbo Pump
   Backed by a Edward 60 L/s Diffusion & Rotary Pump in Series.

- MDC XYZ-Rotation Sample Stage with 4”-diam. 8”-stroke Bellows with an RMTG Rotational Stage
   (Sample Temperature Control Range: 90-1300 Kelvins).

- MDC RMTG Rotational Stage is Separately Pumped by a Pfeiffer TMU 071 Turbo Pump.

2. Arc Discharge Welder
3. Unitek Equipment Spot Welder (Model : Dual Pulse 125)
4. Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope (TDS 360)
5. Precision Variable Leak Valve (5EA)
6. Granville-Philips 307 Vacuum Gauge and Controller (1 Nude Ion Gauge @ 4 Thermocouple Gauges)
7. keithley Multimeter (Model 2000)
8. Triple-Filter Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS) - Model : Thermo VG Scienta,
     Smart-IQ+ Residual Gas Analyzer (2EA)

9. Single-Pass Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer (10-155 CMA) & Controllers (32-150 AES Control, 32-100 Electron
     Multiplier Supply, 11-010 Eletron Gun Control) for Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) - Physical Eletronics
     (PHI) Model 3017 with a PC-Based Subsystem.  
[Where To Obtain Replacement PHI AES Parts]

10. Taylor-Wharton 160-L Liquid Nitrogen Tank(XL-45), 5-L and 1-L Liquid Nitrogen Dewars.
11. 3000-rpm Precision DremelTM Eletrical Drill with Diamond Drill Bits.
12. Eletrical Belt Sander, Table Saw, and Drill Press.
13. Supersonic Cleaning Bath.
14. Hewlett-Packard Precision DC Power Supplies (Model : 6552A & 6575A)
15. Eurotherm
® Temperature Programmers (Model : 2404  2EA)
16. Eurotherm
® Temperature Programmer (Model: 3504)
17. 5-kW UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) - Model : Smart UPS 5000
18. Agilent, DC Power Supply

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Surface Chemistry Laboratory