Name: 강주현 - Joo Hyun Kang (Class of 1992)
   E-mail: joohkang@gmail,
B.S.: Kyungwon University, 1996
   M.S.: Kyungwon University, 1996~1998
   Ph.D: University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, 1999~2004
(Prof. X.-Y. Zhu)
: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005~2007 (Prof. R. Nuzzo)

Research Scientist -
Dow Chemical Company's Headquarters, Midland, Michigan, USA:    2008~  

   The Dow Chemical Company, founded in 1897, is one of the largest chemical companies    including BASF and DuPont in the World. The company produces 6,000 products at 201    sites in 36 countires with its annual sales of $57 billions.



   Name: 김대호 - DaeHo Kim (96)
: Kyung Won University, 2004
: Kyung Won University, 2004-2006
University of California at Riverside, 2006~2011 (Prof. Bartels)

   Postdoctoral Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA,    

   Senior Research Engineer, Technology Development Center, System Large-Scale    Integration Business, Samsung Electronics Company, Giheung, Yongin, KyungKi, S.    Korea, 2013~.



   Name: 임현아 - Hyuna Lim (97)
B.S.: Kyung Won University, 2002
   M.S.: Korea University, 2002-2003; Rutgers University, 04/2008~05/2009
Ph.D. Student: Indiana University at Bloomington, 05/2009~
   Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Cook Medical Headquarters, Bloomington, Indiana,    USA,    4/2014~

   Cook Medical Incorported, founded in 1963, is a medical device manufacturer of 16,000    products, servicing 135 countries with its 10,000 employees worldwide. It was ranked #324    in Forbes' 2008 America's Largest Private Companies.
   COOK Medical: Cook Medical    COOK Medical Korea:  Cook Medical Korea



   Name: 안지현 - JiHyun Ahn (99)
B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2004



   Name: 이윤석 - YoonSeok Lee (00)
B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2006
.: Korea University, 2006~2008
   Ph.D. Student
: Korea University, 2008~2012 

   Duksan Hi-Metal, Co., Ltd., Cheonan, Choongnam, S. KOREA, 1/2013~

   Duksan Hi-Metal, Co., established in 1999, manufactures Organic LED materials.      


   Name: 정민복 - Minbok Jung  (00)
   B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2007
   M.S.: Kyungwon University, 2007~2010
Research Associate: MIRC, KAIST, 2010~2011
   Ph.D. Student: School of Mechanical and Advanced Materials Engineering,
Ulsan                  National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), 2012~
(Prof. Hyung-Joon Shin)    




   Name: 우현민 - HyunMin Woo  (00)
B.S: Kyungwon University, 2007
Hanyang University, 2007~2010

   Chemistry Teacher, West Incheon High School, 2013~                          서인천고등학교 메인으로 이동



   Name: 장민지 - Minjee Jang (04)
B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2008
   Registered Practical Nursing Course, Centennial College, Toronto, CANADA (2011-13)

   Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, Toronto, CANADA, 2013~.    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre homepage



   Name: 박정훈 - Jung-hoon Park  (04)
   B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2004~2011


황석진 - Suk-Jin Hwang  (04)
B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2004~2011
   M.S. Student: Korea University, 2011~2013


   Associate Researcher, Research and Development Center,
Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd.,    Ulsan, S. KOREA, 1/2014~.
   Songwon, founded in 1965, is the second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers    (additives) in the world, with its 660 employees and annual sales of US$665 millions in    2013.



   Name: 김지희 - Ji-hee Kim (07)
   B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2007~2011
   M.S. Student: Hanyang University, 2011~2013

   Researcher, Research and Development Team #1, Organic LED R&D Institute,    Heesung Material Ltd., Cheoin, Yongin, KyungKi, S. KOREA (1/2013~)
   HEESUNG Material Ltd., established in 2005, is a manufacturer of OLED materials with its    annual sales of US$160 millions.




김제헌 - Jehun Kim (04)
B.S.: Kyungwon University, 2004~2011
   M.S. Kyungwon University, 2011~2013
   Ph.D. Student, Division of Chemistry, Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and    Engineering,
   Hokkaido University(北海道大学), Sapporo, JAPAN, 4/2013~   (Advisor:    Prof. Kei    Murakoshi, Ph.D. in 1992)
   Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at Hokkaido University
   “Selective Nitrogen Doping in Graphene for Oxygen Reduction Reactions”
   S. Yasuda, L. Yu, J. Kim, K. Murakoshi, Chem. Comm., 49, 9627-9629 (2013).